Category: 2017

Cinema 4D: Baseball Texture

Final Product A beloved baseball used many times, retired from games. In the picture above, I modeled a baseball and added realistic textures. I then attached a voronoi fracture to a large dirt particle and shattered it to create the illusion of dirt flying closely behind the baseball. Textures I worked with these four textures to add a realistic and…

Sketch Kitty

I used a mixture of different rect and ellipse functions to create this Kitty in Processing. Then I played with lines and ellipses in the background to create this disco atmosphere.

Unlimited Universe Within

Using Cinema 4D, I created a small animation of a cellphone shattering to reveal the digital world it contains. Each little planet represent a possible world within the cellphone. Some worlds are abstract and only represent feelings, others could be more concrete and realistic. The clip demonstrate an abstract world, full of color expressing emotions or feelings. The small alien…

Exploding Rose

I created my own version of GreyscaleGorilla’s tutorial on a “Shattering Rose” in Cinema 4D. Instead of using their plugins, I used the push apart effector to create the “exploding” part of the rose.

Floating Island

Thanks to Tiedie’s tutorial on Low Poly Floating Island Tutorial | Cinema 4D / Photoshop (here is the link: I made my first animation using a motion camera for added affects.

DADA Figure

DADA was an art movement formed during the First World War in Zurich in negative reaction to the horrors and folly of the war. The art, poetry and performance produced by DADA artists is often satirical and nonsensical in nature. Final DADA Figure. Graphite. 17×22. 2017. DADA Figure Progress 2. Graphite. 17×22. 2017. DADA Figure Progress 1. Graphite. 17×22. 2017.

Futurism Remake

Instead of taking a standard approach to a time sequenced comic, I took methods from Futurism to create this a work that puts together a theme. On a formal level, each section divided by the grid represents different perspectives. The content attempts to connect the linear nature found in organic objects along with mechanical objects. Final Time Sequence Narrative. Graphite.…

Historical Classical Figure

This figure was taken from one of Gian Lorenzo Bernini figure drawings. Final. Historical Classical Figure. Graphite. 17×22. 2017. Progress 2. Historical Classical Figure. Graphite. 17×22. 2017. Progress 1. Historical Classical Figure. Graphite. 17×22. 2017.