Identity Among the Theory

After studying psychology for three years at the University of Oklahoma, memorizing important psychological studies, conducting my own studies, and then participating in a few graduate level studies, I felt as though I was slowing loosing my own identity amongst all the ideas and theory.

This was an attempt to ground and reconnect myself to these theories on a more personal level. Psychology, with its many branches, can be dense and heavily analytic in nature. Often there can be a disconnect between these theories and how they interact with our lives. I grappled with the idea of how to present these ideas and connections. I wanted to physically connect these often abstract theories to my own physical self in some manner.

At the time I was in beginning drawing, at the University. The last assignment was to create a 3D drawing. I began by selecting a few fundamental psychology books, case study books, and so on.


I would pick passages that resonated strongly with me, such as observational learning. I would then measure and carve out the pages of the books for a place to put the frame.


The project started to evolve as I continued to play with the idea of not only putting myself but other people into these books.


In the end this project became a fantastic way for me to reconnect to myself and some of the psychological theories I once studied.

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