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Channel Surfing for Yourself

I feel as though my video adds layers of meaning to my audio. I wanted the viewers to feel the anxiety experienced when attempting to be yourself, living in a world full of demanding political, religious, family, and lifestyle influences. So, I gathered as many images and videos that I thought related to how “anxiety” feels. For example, I included a person rushing through a crowd and someone struggling to escape a sinking car. Then I included images of external stimuli that provoke anxiety, such as people protesting, people making opinionated comments (Trump or Anderson Cooper). Overall, I succeeded in creating a meaningful remix.

Video before the class critique.

Video after class critique.

Video/After Effects Form

How did you construct/compose/structure all the parts of your video? In other words, how did you synch you video to your audio? What was the overall “vibe” you were going for?

I used the design principles: rhythm, repetition, emphasis, and movement in my video. The use of rhythm and movement can be seen in my chaotic, but seemingly organized synchronization of lyrics and sound effects with images and video. While repetition and emphasis were achieved through my use of text. Such as how I repeated the text “Think Think” throughout the video, examples include: 00:57,01:38, 02:07. When Rag’n Bones tuned in, I emphasized many of his lyrics, such as “Only Human” at 01:13. I wanted a rushed and chaotic vibe, that was seemingly hypnotic and reflective.

Following up on the above, what EDITING PACE/TIMING/STRATAGIES did you apply when considering the overall “vibe” of your audio remix?

I used many jump cuts to achieve my video’s vibe. I feel like this helped give a rushed and chaotic atmosphere. Also, I attempted to time the images with certain words or beats, catering to a hypnotic and reflective feeling.

Briefly, where and how (and to what effect conceptually or formally) did you apply COLOR CORRECTIONS? How did you manipulate or change video clips or pictures? Choose 2-3 clips or generally where you used theses to discuss.

Three places I used color correction include: the very first scene of a person in their car being submerged into water at 0 to 00:07, a close shot of a twister at 00:50, and the car crashed with broken windshield at 00:55. When I imported the person with the car, it was highly saturated. I attempted to bring down the saturation using channel mixer and vibrance under the color corrections. The close shot of the twister and the car with the broken windshield were dense and had a green hue. To help fix this, I used the channel mixer and brightness/contrast.

Briefly, where (and why, to what “effect”?) did you apply After Effects EFFECTS & PRESETS and filters? Or> If you used mostly “raw” (i.e. unchanged or modified) video or pictures, give us a good reason why you did not “manipulate” with the video clips?

I added grain to majority of my videos to help give a uniform feel throughout the video. I feel like the grain and static went well together. Examples include: 00:17 Trump and 00:42 twister. I also added animation to some of the images to set them apart from the background, adding dynamics. Animations can be found at: 00:27 sheep, 00:47 radio, and 01:43 gay rights flag.

Critical Thoughts:

Briefly discuss the successful elements of your work (both in form and content). What parts are working well? (You can base these thoughts on the feedback received at the critique)

From the critique, I was told that I was evoking anxiety successfully. Also, that I was using rhythm well. Getting my images to line up with the lyrics and sound effects was a challenge.

Briefly discuss the elements that could be better in your work. List the things you need to improve/fix/change/work on to improve the work? (You can base these thoughts on the feedback received at the critique)

I could improve on my color corrections, some of the videos I imported were over-saturated or had a different light source than the other videos. Working to unify the light source and color in my video, could benefit. Additionally, adding more static or black pauses between the chaos, could help viewers catch up on what they just saw.

By Lindi Mallory

Art, Technology & Culture, B.A.
Psychology, B.A.

I am currently working in: Unity, Autodesk Maya, Cinema 4D, and Adobe Creative Suite.

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