2016 Drawings_2016

Steam Punk


Final Steam Punk Drawing. This image reveals a fantasy about the Garden of Eden. Here, the deer/human figures chase away what they deem as man’s sins or transgressions, in order to maintain order and peace.


Pre-Final Steam Punk Drawing. Here I stylized some of the characters into mythical beings, people with deer legs, adding or taking away details.


Steam Punk Composite One. Once I compiled the images, I began to add and take away lines to create a similar stylistic voice. As the drawing progressed the narration or scene developed.


Steam Punk Composite Two. In this scene, I wanted to take a nonsensical satirical jab at the vast difference between the poor and rich. The two ladies underneath the table, along with the woman at the window, symbolize the poor. While the woman and the man seated at the table represent the rich.

By Lindi Mallory

Art, Technology & Culture, B.A.
Psychology, B.A.

I am currently working in: Unity, Autodesk Maya, Cinema 4D, and Adobe Creative Suite.

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