Category: 2016

Spatial Illusion

One Point Perspective. Graphite. 18×24. 2016. Two Point Perspective. Graphite. 18×24. 2016. Overlapping Planes. Graphite. 18×24. 2016. Separating Planes. Graphite. 18×24. 2016.

Shading And Volume

Shading and Volume Still Life. Graphite. 12×16. 2016. Shading and Volume Still Life. Photograph. 12×16. 2016.

Steam Punk

Final Steam Punk Drawing. This image reveals a fantasy about the Garden of Eden. Here, the deer/human figures chase away what they deem as man’s sins or transgressions, in order to maintain order and peace. Pre-Final Steam Punk Drawing. Here I stylized some of the characters into mythical beings, people with deer legs, adding or taking away details. Steam Punk Composite One.…

Design Principles

Balance Off-Balance Emphasis Movement Repetition Rhythm Proportion & Scale Unity & Variety

Stay in Lines

Foundations Drawing: Stay in Lines. 18″x 22″. Graphite. Fall 2016. Foundations Trace: Stay in Lines. 8″x11″. Tracing Paper. Fall 2016. Foundations Photograph: Stay in Lines. 8″x11″. Digital Print. Fall 2016.