2019 Freudian_Forest_2019

Unity Health Meter

Balancing the Id, Ego, and Superego

Here I created pixel assets in Pyxel Edit and then imported them into Unity to use them as sprite components. After a few hours of research, I found a way to created meter bars. This meter bar is circular and consists of three eyeballs that represent the the id, ego, and superego.

  • id=red eye
  • ego=green eye
  • superego=blue eye

As the player continues through the game, he/she will collect items that will effect each attribute. The amount of the item collected effects the meter rather, so it registers quantity over quality.

For example the id responds to excessive amounts of donuts (5+), while the superego responds to one or two donuts. The ego attempts to find a balance between the two and prefers if you eat broccoli with a 1 or less donuts.

2018 Animation_2018

Cinematic Immersion

A Psychoanalytic Examination

This short animation accompanied by a complimenting soundtrack, gives a psychoanalytic provoking look into the accounts of cinema’s effect on voyeuristic activity. The increase in technology and theater architecture gives way to the extreme immersion of individuals in a physical and kinesthetic experience. The use of the game engine Unity as a medium, allows the factor of enchantment to be raised and for visuals to be pushed more to an extreme.

2018 3D Modeling Animation_2018

Cycling Butterfly

Autodesk Maya Cleanup

Creating this animation had many small steps involved, one of the biggest was prepping the butterfly.

I found a free butterfly model on turbo squid modeling website. The amount of polygon faces was very high. I ended up cleaning and then restructuring some parts of the butterfly to allow for more concise weigh painting and rigging. I soon learned that it would have been much more efficient to model a lower poly version of the butterfly. I then rigged the butterfly to animate a flying movement.


I Next I exported the model over to Mudbox.

I created a custom fire themed airbrush color. Referencing a chemical chart I found online:


See 28 to 38 days for more of the concept behind this piece.

I layered a large amount of different sounds and music together to create the music for the small clip.