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Ghostbuster’s Trap

Maya Modeling

I followed a Skillshare tutorial taught by Lucas Ridley. In this project, I spent my time practicing the development of clean topology and working with the bevel and welding tools.

I then added arnoldaistandard materials to the different components, adding lighting to pose the model.

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Freudian_Forest Instagram Posts

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Character Feature: Queenie

Queenie Idle and Movement Animations

Does this eye look familiar,

But rather, I have a gut feeling

To whom this eye belongs too

Its just a feeling,

I’m going to lean and cling too

A scripture from the game, written as a clue for the player

The queen demands something from the player, and so the player is forced to fight her.

Queenie Sprite Sheet

In Freudian dream symbols, parents or other highly respected persons are presented as queens and kings.

The player encounters this enemy, sensing familiarity, but their identity is unknown. By beating this boss, the player learns the identity of the character and is given a clue to why they have descended into their own subconsciousness.

2019 Freudian_Forest_2019

Unity Health Meter

Balancing the Id, Ego, and Superego

Here I created pixel assets in Pyxel Edit and then imported them into Unity to use them as sprite components. After a few hours of research, I found a way to created meter bars. This meter bar is circular and consists of three eyeballs that represent the the id, ego, and superego.

  • id=red eye
  • ego=green eye
  • superego=blue eye

As the player continues through the game, he/she will collect items that will effect each attribute. The amount of the item collected effects the meter rather, so it registers quantity over quality.

For example the id responds to excessive amounts of donuts (5+), while the superego responds to one or two donuts. The ego attempts to find a balance between the two and prefers if you eat broccoli with a 1 or less donuts.

2019 Freudian_Forest_2019

Character Feature: Markian

Race: Empty Skull, Name: Markien

This is Markien, a skull character inspired by both the Romanian monks of the Neamt Monastery and the Tibetan burial customs.

Neamt Monastery

Entrance to Bogoslov Basement

Bogoslov basement from the graveyard of Neamt Monastery in northeastern Romania contains numerous deceased bones gathered from Roman Orthodox monastic tradition. This tradition claims that after 7 years the bones of the deceased monk were to be taken out of the earth and placed, in this basement.

On the monks skull fellow monks write his name and his duties in the monastery. The more revered bones belonged to beloved bishops of the Neamt Monastery.

Tibetan Monastery

The kapalas were usually made from skulls collected at sky burial sites, an ancient Tibetan burial custom, still practiced today, in which the bodies of the dead are dismembered and scattered over open ground to ‘give alms to the birds’.  It is a ritual that has a great religious meaning of the ascent of the soul to be reincarnated into another circle of life.

Once collected, the skulls would be specially prepared and elaborately anointed and consecrated before use. It would then be decorated with carvings, jewels of silver-work before being used as a ritual implement.

Markien the Monk

12 frames created in Piskel

Taking this history into consideration, Markien is a deceased monk, whom served an unknown monastery. Corrupted by greed and power, he attempts to dispel his grievances unto the character in his after life. His ultimate goal is to empty himself and achieve compassion, courage, and clarity not gained in his living life.

2019 Animation_2019

Welcome Back Animation

Created in Adobe After Effects to greet fall students for Oklahoma Universities Video Media Services’ social media.