2017 Journal_2017

Artistic Themes

My thoughts on formalism, fantasy, social commentary, and ritual artistic themes in reference to different media: drawing, animation, photography, and so on.


When it comes to drawing, I enjoy working with “visual elements” and “design principles” and different “artistic materials”.  Sometimes I feel like I’m practicing, or searching for something when I play with these different elements. This was apparent in the scribble drawing or the space drawing. Each time I draw with pure form in mind, it seems like my style is different. I haven’t quite figured out my own “drawing style”. That is possibly why I enjoy engaging in formalism. I think formalism helps me think critically of how I would like to present my work to an audience. I find that I am drawn to rhythm and movement, which I attempt to use in my drawings, photographs, and videos. Line, color, shape, and design will always be important for my future work. Also formalism is nice because it transfers to many of the different mediums I’m interested in.

I feel as though it’s possible to only utilize design principles to make artwork. Roy Lichtenstein’s proves this in my opinion. His overall design is intriguing to me. I admire how he has develop his own style. On the other hand there is something that feels safe about only engaging in pure formalism. I think it’s important that I continue to engage in other themes.


I explore fantasy in animation and drawing, not as often in photography. I enjoy the irrational side of fantasy, indulging the imagination, letting the subconscious roam in a sense. Such as my wonderfully colored dancing robot or a tiny star entering a crazy universe of my own invention. Sometimes I will start with an object in Maya, and keep modeling it. Creating odd forms or shapes. Even, creating worlds that are mixed from dreams and reality is fun to me, I feel like I can really let loose in animation. Some of my drawings compliment my animation nicely, in a sense it inspire or aid it.

Fantasy seems to come more naturally to me. I really enjoy collaging together everyday objects. I think I would like to explore this more by picking a theme and then taking photographs related to this theme. Then taking those photographs and piecing together, utilizing formalism’s design elements. Eventually I would like to transfer these drawings into Maya or Cinema 4D. Possibly to creating a virtual reality.

Social Commentary

Creating social commentary with photography is less difficult in my opinion. I find creating social commentary themes more difficult with animation and drawing. Photography allows me to engage with the emotion and message that I want to facilitate. I’m not sure if I could facilitate a drawing that would communicate what I want when it comes to this theme. For me,  I feel like it would end up becoming fantasy or a cartoon. For example, here is a picture of a french artist, this image evokes a different message than the one below. Although this is about Mexican-American border, I think that I am drawing toward mental illness related topics.

A US border patrol vehicle drives past JR’s installation in Tecate, about a 40-mile drive southeast of downtown San Diego on Sept. 9, 2017.

Image result for mexican american political cartoon border


I think I admire ritual themes, like Andy Goldsworthy and Minor White. I would like to explore this more in the future. I really have yet to make something utilizing this theme.