Talking to Strangers_2019

First of all I have to clarify and let everyone know that I am extremely curious about people and their behaviors, hence one of my degree’s is in psychology.

I wanted to look further into “talking to people”. Such as “What is a conversation?; Why are they important?; Who has them?..” and so on. I then began to think about, how we are taught at a very young age to not talk to strangers, but what we often forget is that as an adult we talk to strangers everyday.


We befriend them.

Work with them.

Strangers might even interview us for a job.

We take classes with them.

We make presentations for strangers in business meetings.

We are even supposed to network with strangers at networking events.

The list goes on and on..

I’ve made this into an ongoing art-project, my goal is to some how capture and then relate to the strangers I encounter.

Walk Around Norman, OK

Over the course of five months I took a 16mm bolex camera and walked around Norman, OK talking to strangers. Not only did I talk to these people, I empathized with them, spending more time with some more than others.

The more and more I spent talking to people, I began to realize how important facial expressions and body language was to keep a conversation flowing naturally.

I began to practice talking things I had read from my psychology classes:

A man sitting on a bench.

A man walking his dog

A woman at a crosswalk.

A woman at a bus stop.

A man smoking a cigarette.

Talking to Strangers. 16mm film. 2018

By Lindi Mallory

Art, Technology & Culture, B.A.
Psychology, B.A.

I am currently working in: Unity, Autodesk Maya, Cinema 4D, and Adobe Creative Suite.

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