Freudian Forest_2019


From my experience making tilesets is a just a small part of the game design, even though your can spend HOURS in this stage of the project. If your looking to produce a video game quickly… PLAN PLAN PLAN.

I suggest taking a small sketch pad and sketching out what you want your level to look like. You can spend hours painting the small details in the tilesets, but if you never use the tile… you begin to feel like your wasting time. But even if you generate large numbers of tiles and do not use them, you are gaining valuable practice.

Exporting to Game Engine

I recommend constantly exporting your sets into your game engine and checking their appearance. I first would paint out levels in Pyxel Edit, planning levels.

Kitchen area
Living room
Daniel Kvarfordt‘s titleset in Pyxel Edit

So far, Ive generated universal tilesets that allow me to use the same assets but with differently designed rooms. Much like how Enter the Gungeon uses it’s tilesets.

Character’s Philosophy

Black, White, and the Grey

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

-No Fear Shakespeare: Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2, Page 11

An essential part of this psychological video game is the id, ego, and superego meter the player will interact with throughout the game-play. In order to engage this meter I created dichotomous characters with meaningful interactions that help determine and give points to the meter’s status. I also would like to challenge the many different concepts that are understood to have a dichotomous nature:


Often in pix-elated video games, such as Mario, focus either on good characters or evil characters. I wanted to avoid the dichotomous stereotypes for Freudian_Forest’s characters.

Race: Empty Skull, Name: Markien

I found some sort of solace in creating a gigantic bleeding skull as a character with both good and evil qualities. This skull, wants to be empty, so they casts out everything that makes them filled with haze, doubts, and rigidly. Somewhere inside this bleeding skull is an emptiness consisting of clarity, compassion and courage.

When the player interacts with this skull they will be helping them cast out this solid mess. What is seen is an attack is just an attempt at wellness.

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