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3D Modeling

Skeleton Design

Here is a 2D profile and side view of this skeleton character.

Using Autodesk Maya, I modeled the sketch organically.

Here are more images:

2019 3D Modeling Animation_2019

Ghostbuster’s Trap

Maya Modeling

I followed a Skillshare tutorial taught by Lucas Ridley. In this project, I spent my time practicing the development of clean topology and working with the bevel and welding tools.

I then added arnoldaistandard materials to the different components, adding lighting to pose the model.

2017 3D Modeling Animation_2017

Cinema 4D: Baseball Texture

Final Product

Final Product

A beloved baseball used many times, retired from games. In the picture above, I modeled a baseball and added realistic textures. I then attached a voronoi fracture to a large dirt particle and shattered it to create the illusion of dirt flying closely behind the baseball.


I worked with these four textures to add a realistic and unique look to this baseball. Making sure to find high resolution images for maximized detail.

Camera: Depth of Field

To add a higher sense of realism, I adjusted the aperture of the camera to achieve a shallow depth of field. In some of the photographs you can see a before and after of the effects of the camera.

2019 GraphicDesign_2019

Freudian_Forest Instagram Posts

2019 Animation_2019 Freudian_Forest_2019

Character Feature: Queenie

Queenie Idle and Movement Animations

Does this eye look familiar,

But rather, I have a gut feeling

To whom this eye belongs too

Its just a feeling,

I’m going to lean and cling too

A scripture from the game, written as a clue for the player

The queen demands something from the player, and so the player is forced to fight her.

Queenie Sprite Sheet

In Freudian dream symbols, parents or other highly respected persons are presented as queens and kings.

The player encounters this enemy, sensing familiarity, but their identity is unknown. By beating this boss, the player learns the identity of the character and is given a clue to why they have descended into their own subconsciousness.

2018 3D Modeling Animation_2018

Autodesk Maya: Waking Nightmare

A Short Thriller Animation

A child wakes to find himself in a dark confined space. As he makes his way forward, it becomes evident that he is on a train. A shadow lurks watching and waiting for an opportune moment.

This animation was a collaboration project with myself and MaryJo Snyder.

2018 Animation_2018 Video_2018

Collective Impromptu

A peak into the collective unconscious

Using one ambiguous picture from the psychological assessment test, The Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), college students were approached and asked to tell a story from the beginning, middle, and end describing what they saw in the photograph. This artwork was gathered almost like a psychological assessment. It lacked controlled settings, set independent and dependent variables, and contained too many possible confounding variables to actually be considered a psychological study.

While they were performing this task, photographs of their profile were taken during, before, and after. The photographs were then assembled into a stop motion. Audio of their stories were also collected and then added to the video.

The Use of the Thematic Apperception Test

In a clinical setting, the narration created by a subject would be carefully recorded and analyzed to uncover underlying needs, attitudes, and patterns of reaction. Although most clinical practitioners do not use formal scoring systems, several formal scoring systems have been developed for analyzing TAT stories systematically and consistently. Two common methods that are currently used in research are the: A person’s thoughts/feelings are projected in stories involved. This work allows one ambiguous image to be compared by multiple people. Revealing their own unique and then sometimes closely related stories. Diving into a possible discussion of a collective unconscious.

What is the Collective Unconscious?

This art project takes the TAT out of the context of a clinical setting and attempts to use it as a form of conversation starter. A possible way to get on a deeper level of conversation with strangers. Notice any trends as you listen to the different stories from person to person. Can you see some sort of collective unconscious revealing itself? Carl Jung believed the collective unconscious is revealed by shared archetypes, images, and themes in the history of humankind. Thus the TAT relies on this allowing the individual to reveal personal feelings related to these commonalities.


Biography: Lindi Mallory

May of 2019 Lindi graduated with degrees in Psychology and Art, Technology & Culture. She is passionate about learning technology and is continually learning about character design, photography, videography, graphic design, and much more. Her work has been featured in many student and local exhibitions.

In her spare time she enjoys making video games, creating 2D and 3D assets, martial arts, impromptu photography, and playing the guitar.

Martial Arts

Burton Richardson Seminar at Titan Academy Norman, Ok

Unity: Freudian_Forest

Screen captures of game play from Lind’s pixel game in process Freudian_Forest.


One can love old or new cameras, to the left is a Panasonic AG-DVX200 4K Handheld Camcorder. To the right is a 16mm H 16 Bolex Camera.

2019 Freudian_Forest_2019

Unity Health Meter

Balancing the Id, Ego, and Superego

Here I created pixel assets in Pyxel Edit and then imported them into Unity to use them as sprite components. After a few hours of research, I found a way to created meter bars. This meter bar is circular and consists of three eyeballs that represent the the id, ego, and superego.

  • id=red eye
  • ego=green eye
  • superego=blue eye

As the player continues through the game, he/she will collect items that will effect each attribute. The amount of the item collected effects the meter rather, so it registers quantity over quality.

For example the id responds to excessive amounts of donuts (5+), while the superego responds to one or two donuts. The ego attempts to find a balance between the two and prefers if you eat broccoli with a 1 or less donuts.